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I Talked by Laura

These days, I don’t care who knows that I suffer with depression and anxiety, but even now I still find it hard to talk about how it affects me and what exactly I go through. But I’m not talking about that today. Today I’m going to tell you how my crappy situation turned into, well

#ITalked by Student Ambassadors Goes on Display on Campuses Nationwide

Six students, each with a personal message to tell about their health today joined together to realize the first of its kind mental health exhibit that will tour college campuses to encourage openness around mental health. More than simply telling Irish students to talk, the Please Talk #ITalked campus tour will, for the first time, feature

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Ian's view on Anti-depressants

So… I’ve developed this habit of putting aside my sarcastic and self deprecating nature for what tends to be one status a year on my experience with mental health. I’ve decided to do this one a random number of months early because today is exactly one month since I started doing something that I always

I Talked by Chloe

Since my early teens, I knew that something was wrong. I knew that upon waking up each morning life was becoming an increasing burden. I would try to counter the pain, by turning numb. If I switched to auto pilot, I could at least appear to be a ‘normal’ teenager. However, at 15 years of

I Talked by Joss

I believe all of us experience some form of mental health issues at some point in our lives. For me, my struggles have been with depression. People have this perception of depression as a dark ominous cloud of emotion and instability hanging as a constant companion above someone’s head. In reality it’s not, it’s a

I Talked by Samuel

This was a tough editorial for me to write. Being so open about my life, so honest with myself writing about my experiences was not easy. I find talking about my life and my feelings difficult, preferring to err on the side of light banter chat with all but those closest to me. But I

I Talked by Ian

For quite literally as long as I can remember I have suffered from depression and up until a year ago I had always hidden it. A few friends may have been suspicious about it but I never openly came out and said it to someone. Honestly, I didn’t really understand what it was until relatively