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College can be one of the best experiences of your life, however it is also one of the first big transitions in your life. They are a lot of new things to adjust to, moving away from home, new friends and relationships, budgeting, deadlines for assignments as well as exams to mention a few. With all f these adjustments it can mean that college can become a very stressful time in your life. So we have articles that can help make that a little easier and support you through this period of your life.

College Stress and Student Wellbeing

That assignment that was ages away is suddenly due tomorrow, now there are at least 4 more that are due next week; on top of me trying to work every spare minute so I can to cover my bills. Who ever said college life was great must have been lying! I am so stressed right

Are you Aware of the Supports Available on Campus?

Are you aware of the supports available on campus? While college is mainly about academic studies, it also caters for your holistic development as a person. Colleges offer a range of social supports and services which can help you as you progress through your course. These social supports include; Student Union Services Student Counselling Student