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I Talked is a Please Talk initiative that features student’s own stories about their struggles with mental health. Our Student ambassadors share the impact of talking has on them as they went through college and empowering others to talk about their mental health on campus.

Aoife’s Story

When I was 12 I lost a family member to suicide. I remember a little bit after we found out I was sitting on my dads bed with him, he was crying unconsolably his head in his hands. I was just really confused. I genuinely didn’t have a clue what was going on. In April

Nicola's story

I’m Nicola and first experienced mental health difficulties in my mid-twenties after an incident of self-harming. Today I use the scar as a daily reminder to be self-compassionate. Believe me I wasn’t always as grounded! From that first incident until my first hospital admission over twenty years later  I survived outside the system without knowing

Kiera’s Story

Hi my name is Kiera, I am an ordinary, outgoing girl. I laugh uncontrollably, I have a great sense of humour, I like meeting up with my friends and talking about boys, I have an amazing family, amazing friends and a job I love. I’m doing Social Care in college. I have my own car

Shannon's Story

My name is Shannon, I’m 21 and a second year student here in A.I.T. I never thought I’d end up in hospital due to having a mental illness. It wasn’t somewhere I thought I would end up, but at least by going into hospital I could begin my recovery. This was all down to me

Joe’s Story

An outgoing personality, enthusiastic, open minded with a strong focus on what has to be done. In general, positive, open and comfortable in most situations. I have many interests (some would suggest to many) they range from scuba diving, hiking, swimming, fishing, sailing, kayaking, and photography. Other interests include my dogs, chess, and music. I have

Emmet’s Story

My name is Emmet, I am a third year student in A.I.T. I was diagnosed with depression in 2009. How did I know I had depression? I was in college in Dublin at the time and was finding it really difficult to adjust to life in college. It was all so overwhelming compared to school

Aíne's Story

Anxiety is a very misunderstood illness, some people assume that you just worry too much and have little sympathy for the people going through it but I can assure you it’s a very frightening illness. At the height of my anxiety age 19 I felt my identity was stripped from me, I was no longer

Joanne’s Story

My name is Joanne and I have Bipolar Affective Disorder.  I was 18 and in college in Maynooth when in the first week of college I was not acting myself.  I was not able to sleep at all for a whole week and I was staying in digs in Maynooth.  My best friend who was

Oisín’s Story

My name is Oisín, I am studying at AIT and a few years ago I was diagnosed with depression. Depression is a very incapacitating and damaging illness, but over the years I have learned different methods and developed different strategies to help make it much more bearable and manageable. I have dealt with depression for

I Talked by Laura

These days, I don’t care who knows that I suffer with depression and anxiety, but even now I still find it hard to talk about how it affects me and what exactly I go through. But I’m not talking about that today. Today I’m going to tell you how my crappy situation turned into, well