Looking After Your Mental Health Archives - Please Talk

Here are tips and advice to help students’ look after their mental health while going through college. This is a great time to prioritize looking after your mental health and ensuring you have healthy coping mechanisms as these will help you right through your life to be resilient and cope with the challenges you face along the way.

Seasonal Affective Disorder by Amy Mulvaney

I wrote about SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder, because I noticed that I was starting to recognise some of the symptoms in myself. I hope this piece might help to inform anyone else who’s feeling that way, or maybe you could help a friend if you think they might be going through this. It’s easy to

We Need to Talk

Real strength comes; from withstanding the urge to close your eyes and block out the world. “We need to talk”, these are words that can make your heart drop, you feel the blood pool in your ears, you already know what’s going to be said, you need to hear these words. You need to talk, but you brush

Ian's view on Anti-depressants

So… I’ve developed this habit of putting aside my sarcastic and self deprecating nature for what tends to be one status a year on my experience with mental health. I’ve decided to do this one a random number of months early because today is exactly one month since I started doing something that I always