Support Services in Carlow College

It is very important to enjoy your time with us at Carlow College in order to get the most out of your student experience. Having problems and not knowing who you can talk to can make college more challenging than it needs to be. Checkout our support services so you have support and advice no matter what.

Starting life in college is no easy task. College may seem like an entirely ‘new world’ of experiences and may even seem quite daunting regardless of whether you are eighteen or eighty years of age. The college experience is a lot to take in and attempting to balance all of the elements involved can seem overwhelming.
Luckily Carlow College has a dedicated Students’ Union to help you settle into your new college life. It is their job to make sure you are taken care of as best as possible on a student-to-student level, whether it’s academically, socially or budgetary. The Union works both with Staff within the College and members of the local community in order to ensure that you have the best possible experience during your time at Carlow College.
The Union consists of the following offices:
  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Clubs and Societies
  • Welfare
  • Entertainment

The Counselling Service at Carlow College is a professional, free and confidential service provided to all registered full- or part-time students. It adheres to a code of ethics and ethical practice as outlined by the Irish Association of Universities and College Counsellors (IAUCC). Counselling provides the opportunity for any learner a space to discuss in private concerns or worries, which may be impacting on academic performances or personal health and well-being. Deciding to speak with the counsellor may be a very positive step towards making life more positive. The Counselling service is located in the Kathleen Brennan Student Services Centre.

Services Provided

Conlsutative server to staff and significant others on student issues

Drop in service

One to one counselling

Provision of workshops

Provision of relevant information on self-help resources and literature

Making Appointments

Students can make their appointments with the Counsellor directly by calling to the office, email or telephone. The Counsellor’s Office is in the Student Services Centre. As such, students can just drop in or they can contact her by phone at 059 9153225 or by mobile at 085 7564441 or by email: Self-referrals are welcomed and encouraged.

College can be a difficult and complicated time as well as a fun time. You will be faced with many choices: academically, socially, personally, professionally and spiritually. Now, you don’t have to face these choices alone as you are welcome to stop into the Chaplain’s Office to talk about your cares and concerns, to talk about your day, your struggles or successes in your classes, your relationships, your dreams, your goals, your family and friends, your spirituality and life in general.

The Chaplain’s at Carlow College are here to enable students on their faith journey and to offer Pastoral Care to meet life’s challenges and assist in making life’s choices. For more details go to here.

Phone: (059) 9153245


Carlow College provides a free medical service to all its students for the duration of the academic year. The service is provided on-campus by Nurse Maura Hennessy and off-campus by Dr. Gerald Moran and his team in the Tullow Street surgery. All students are requested to register with the Nurse as soon as they have completed the registration process with the Admissions office and have been given their student identity card.
Registration forms are provided in first year student induction packs and these should be completed and handed in to Nurse Maura Hennessy as early as possible in the academic year. This will save both the student and the Nurse what could prove to be precious time in the event of a medical emergency. Any student who has a chronic or long-term medical issue such as asthma or diabetes or who is taking regular prescribed medication should make the Nurse aware of their condition so she can provide the on-going care and support required.

Students can make their appointments with the Nurse directly by calling to the office, email or telephone. The Nurse’s Office is in the Student Services Centre.

As such, students can just drop in or they can contact her by phone on 059 9153237 or by email: If you need an appointment on Friday, you will need to contact Reception to book an appointment with the doctor. Appointments with the doctor must be made through the Nurse’s Office or Reception. For more information click here.

Student Welfare Officer


Student Counselling Service

Phone: 085 7564441