Support Services in DBS

There are several support services available in DBS which offer you support, advice and guidance to help you face any challenges you may encounter during your time as a student.

The Student Support Services Department comprises of: the Education and Welfare Officer, the International Student Support Officer, the Student Experience Officer and the Study Abroad Experience Officer. We also support students with any support needed such as Accommodation.

The aim of the Student Services Department is to provide assistance to students across a broad range of academic and non-academic areas. The Service endeavors to help students negotiate their way through College by providing tangible personal supports as well as a range of social and sporting opportunities.

The Department is split into two different offices. One is located on the ground floor in Aungier Street; the other is located on the 4th floor in our Castle House Building. You can walk right into both. You do not have to have an appointment.

Dublin Business School employ an Education and Welfare Officer: Aideen Blake. Aideen maintains a high level of confidentiality at all times and can point students in the right direction to ensure that they obtain the support that they need.

To arrange an appointment with Aideen, please ring 01-4178748 or email:

It is important to inform students of the variety of options available to them upon deciding to avail of counselling services. We believe that options allow students to make an informed decision allowing the students to navigate their own journey with the guidance and support of our Welfare Officer.

Aideen our Education and Welfare Officer can provide students with information regarding low cost counselling options, free support services and the referral procedure Dublin Business School has in place for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

If you would like to make an appointment please contact Aideen on 01-4178748 or email

DBS acknowledges that there is more to college then exams, course work and lectures. With a wide range of sports and societies available for students to get involved in we feel that students that do get involved do better all round in their studies and academic life. We take the approach that academia should be integrated with a social scene.

With this in mind, Students have the opportunity to sign up to the many DBS sports and societies during Fresher’s week and again in Refereshers’ Week. They can get involved at any time during the year by contacting Adam in Student Services.

To join a Sport or Society, or to find out more information on what is available contact Adam on

Phone: 087 286 7069


The International Student Services Office provides information on

• Immigration Services
• International Student Letters
• General Advice and Support

Cathy Miggin is based in our Student Services office in Aungier Street and with help students in any way possible.

If you would like to make an appointment please contact Cathy on 01-4177506 or email

Student Counselling Service

Phone: 01 4178748