Support Services in IT Carlow

It is very important to enjoy your time with us at IT Carlow in order to get the most out of your student experience. Having problems and not knowing who you can talk to can make college more challenging than it needs to be. Checkout our support services below so you have support and advice no matter what.

Your Students’ Union representatives are voted in by Student’s to work for you, the students across many different areas.  There are three Full time officers and five part time officers. All officers work on many aspect of College life, Those including but not limited to Mental Health Campaigns, SUSI Issues, Exam Prep, Accommodation issues, Information Campaigns and of course some fun along the way too. We have all the information you may need on academic advice, student support and anything else you can think of in-between.

During your time in College it can be challenging to balance everything. You will find yourself having to balance between Study, Work, Getting involved, Friendship and of course developing as a person. Not to worry here’s where we come in. We’re here to make things that little bit easier for you during your time in college. If there’s anything you need don’t be afraid to pop in for a chat, bring some tea if you’re feeling generous.

All this said it can’t be all work right? Luckily we’re blessed to have one of the finest SU area’s around and we utilise this to the best of our ability. Throughout the year you will have the opportunity to see some live music, comedy acts, hypnotists, magicians and see some fellow student’s get involved in the antics.

The SU is the perfect place to come chill out before and after class. We’re open 9.00am – 9.00pm Monday – Thursday and 9.00am – 7.00pm Friday. We have some comfy couches, pool tables and love throwing on the odd classic movie. The perfect place to come and have tea and the chats. You’re all more than welcome to come over. Don’t be a stranger.

If you have a worry or concern please contact your Student Welfare Officer

Student Welfare officer:

Phone: 059-9175623


  • Are you feeling anxious, worried or upset?
  • Are there some issues preventing you from focusing on your studies?
  • Can counselling help you?

Everyone can benefit from counselling. People’s surprised response is that “counselling works”. It offers a safe environment for you to explore you own special situation. The counsellor presumes health rather than illness. It is normal for people to have problems and a counsellor will enable you to interpret those problems and thereby gain greater self understanding.

How talking over something with a counsellor helps

Counselling provides you with the skills to cope with life’s stresses by allowing you to examine your life situation, offering you an alternative set of choices and empowers you to make the decisions that can enrich your life. The Institute has a professional, confidential counselling service available to all students free of charge.

To make an appointment with a counsellor phone Student Services Office  on 059 9175600 or email counselling@itcarlow

The campus Health Centre provides a comprehensive service for all students, including a full-time nursing service and surgeries with visiting doctors.

Nurse Theresa Lowry-Lehnen provides a full medical care service to all students and an emergency care service to all staff on a day to day basis. The nurse is also available to assist in the management of any illness or condition that requires special attention. Strict confidentiality is maintained – medical records are strictly private and confidential.

The service provides treatment, information and referrals to community services and also promotes positive health through advice and information campaigns.

Doctors attend the Health Centre four tmes a week. Appointments are made by the nurse each day and are free to medical cardholders.

There is a charge of €10.00 to other students.

There are many aspects to life in the Institute. College life is not just about academic work; there are clubs and societies to join and new friends to meet. It’s a time to expand your horizons, develop your talents and grow as a person (and have great fun along the way).

With that in mind, the Chaplaincy Service offers possibilities of exploring your spiritual side, developing your social and community awareness, making friends and facing the basic human question, what’s it all about? We don’t have all the answers, but we’re here to support you on the journey

The Institute has a full time chaplain, FR MARTIN SMITH, who provides pastoral care for both students and staff.

  • We are available each day in ROOM F103 in the Chaplaincy Area in the BARROW CENTRE (beside the Students Union), or at extension 5612. Feel free to drop in at any time. Outside of college time FR MARTIN is available at 059 914 2632.
  • We also have a MULTI-FAITH ROOM  if you want to spend some quiet time in private prayer or reflection.
  • MASS is celebrated every day from 1.05 – 1.20 (15 mins) in the MULTI-FAITH ROOM. You’re welcome to join us.
  • MUSLIM PRAYER for women takes place from 12.25 – 12.35 in the MULTI-FAITH ROOM .
  • MUSLIM PRAYER for men takes place from 12.40 – 12.50 in the MULTI-FAITH ROOM.

Timetables for RELIGIOUS SERVICES and contact details of various MINISTERS OF RELIGION within the locality are also available from the Chaplain’s Office

Getting to third level is enough of a challenge for most students. There’s the difficulty of choosing where to go, what course to do and then the hard work involved in getting enough points to take your place. For some, though, these aren’t the only challenges that third level poses. Some students require extra assistance to help them reach their potential while in third level.

Academic supports are co-ordinated through the Access Office in the Institute for the following groups:

Mature Students

Students with Disabilities

Students with Difficult Financial Circumstances
Mature Students

IT Carlow welcomes and values the contribution that mature students make to college life. We also recognise that students may have particular queries or special needs of an academic, personal or financial nature when they return to learning.  A special Orientation Programme focusing on computer skills and returning to learning is run for mature students entering first year prior to the beginning of the academic year.

Students with Disabilities

‘A student is disabled if he/she requires a facility which is not part of the mainstream provision of the college concerned, to enable participation in the college to the full extent of his/her abilities/capabilities and without which he/she would be educationally disadvantaged in comparison to peers.’ (HEA/AHEAD, 1993)

The Access Office in Student Services co-ordinates individual academic supports for full-time students with special requirements. These supports may include the provision of assistive technology, learning support, additional tuition, exam supports or equipment.

Any full time or prospective student with a disability is encouraged to make contact with the Access Office as soon as possible to discuss specific needs and supports. The Access Officer will assess your needs, liaise with Academic Staff and co-ordinate any necessary academic supports.

Specific Learning Difficulty (Dyslexia) :
If you think you may have dyslexia and have not been diagnosed, please read the following fact sheet containing the main characteristics of Dyslexia.    clickhere>>

If you feel that you relate to this information, we would advise that you download and complete the linked Checklist:  clickhere>>

For students who identify with the main characteristics of dyslexia, and a member of academic staff has noticed these difficulties we encourage that you  bring your completed checklist to Student Services and make an appointment to see the Access Officer, who can offer advice and assistance.

Fund for Students with Disabilities
This fund is for students with disabilities who had specific academic support needs. The Access Office will assist students in applying for this fund, and will take every reasonable action to ensure that specific academic requirements are met and that all students are able to participate as fully as is practicable in their course of study.

Please note that it is the student’s individual responsibility to provide relevant documentation in relation to their disability from a relevant specialist, outlining the following:

  • The nature and details of the student’s disability
  • The impact of the disability on the individual
  • Recommendations for appropriate supports/assistance in third level

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Student Welfare officer:

Phone: 059-9175623



Student Counselling Service

Phone: 059 9175600

Email: counselling@itcarlow