Support Services in IT Tallaght

We want you to get the most out of your time at IT Tallaght.  If you have any problems, then the best thing you can do is seek advice early on to prevent it having any effect on you enjoying your time here! So please look below for details of where you can get help!

The Students’ Union is made up of every full time registered student in the Institute. The executive of the Union are officers elected by the student body to ensure that the Union and college life run as smoothly as possible for the students on a daily basis.

The officers  are available to you anytime and will deal with any problems or queries you may have.

They are generally available Monday to Friday 10.00am to 17.00pm, but can be contacted outside these hours if needed. The Students’ Union is located in a purpose built complex behind the bicycle compound close to the pedestrian entrance to the Institute.

The office is open Monday to Friday and anyone with any questions, queries, problems, complaints, or suggestions is welcome to visit at any time.

If you have a worry or concern contact the student welfare officer.

Student Welfare officer:

Phone: 087 400 7512


Like everyone else students can and do run into problems which they cannot resolve for themselves. Settling/resettling into the Institute, personal relationships, not being sure of what is expected of you, family worries, low mood, shyness, academic pressures etc. may worry you. It is important to tackle problems before they become so big that they will interrupt your Institute career. It is important to seek help in time. To help you the Institute provides a confidential Student Counselling Service.

What is the Student Counselling Service?
It is a professional, confidential and free service. The Service offers individual counselling. Individual counselling provides a safe and supportive environment where you can come and talk about any issue that is bothering you. There is plenty of information available from the counsellor on topics such as: assertiveness, self-esteem, relationship worries, low mood, anxiety and stress management.

Where is the service located?
The Student Counselling Office has moved to the Ground Floor of the Institute. Walk past the main stairs, past the part-time office on the ground floor (glass front). Past the stairs, and turn left into the corridor before the AV Office. Enter the first door on the left hand side, the Student Counselling office can be found in here.

How do I make an appointment?
By email – contact
By phone – from outside the college phone 4042635; from inside [Ext 2635].
In person – Drop into the Counsellor’s office. (When the door sign says “Free”)

Other sources of help in the Institute include:
Teresa Ward, Academic Administration and Student Affairs Manager, ext. 2344
Sr Bernadette Purcell, Chaplain – ext. 2615
Orlagh Fleming, College Nurse – ext. 2613
Marie Kielty, Careers Officer – ext. 2561
Colm Downes, Access Officer – ext. 2173
SU Welfare Officer – ext. 2562

Select here for a quick guide to accessing support services
You can also access further support outside the Institute, please  consult the ‘useful telephone numbers’  guide

How long will counselling last?
Counselling sessions last about 50 minutes and are usually on a weekly basis. The number of meetings that you have with the counsellor is negotiated when you meet.

Do I have to pay for counselling?
No. The Counselling Service is free of charge to students of the Institute.

Is counselling confidential?
What you talk about with the counsellor is confidential. Your family, friends or Institute staff will not be informed of what you discuss. There are some limits to confidentiality however, e.g. if it was thought that harm was going to come to you or to someone else, the counsellor would need to disclose this information. The issue of confidentiality will be talked about when you first meet the counsellor and you will have an opportunity to clarify anything that you are unsure about.

Please do not leave matters until they become overwhelming before you seek assistance. For more information please click here.

We offer a professional health care to all registered students of the Institute. Encouraging a pro-active approach to health, the emphasis on Health Awareness and Promotion for the student population.

he Service is envisaged as an addition to the student’s own family GP or specialist medical service. It operates within resource constraints so certain service limitations apply.
The function of the Student Health Centre is:
Provision of medical care – Prevention of ill health – Promotion of a healthy lifestyle

Opening Hours

Academic Term
09.30 to 21:00 (Mon – Thurs)* (Closed 4pm to 5pm)
09.30 to 16.00( Fridays )*
09.00 to 13.00 on Saturdays*
* Excluding lunch breaks – contactable in the event of an Emergency.


An “open door” policy operates in the Health Centre. However, please be patient if we are attending to somebody or there is a queue, we will get to you as soon as possible. If the matter is urgent please let us know.

Image courtesy of freedigitalphotosWe regret that a Dr’s appointment is not always available on the same day and in some busy periods a waiting list of up to 3 days is possible. Any Emergencies are given priority.

Please be aware when you are attending the Dr. that appointment times are 10 minutes in duration. If you have other issues to discuss you will be asked to make a future appt. to deal with these. Please respect other students and their scheduled appt.times.

We can also be contacted on ext 2613 or ask reception to put you through.


Using the email address does not constitute a booking. You must present yourself to the Health Centre and join the queue if necessary. We do not accept email bookings.

Welcome to the Chaplaincy at IT Tallaght

A place of welcome, of hospitality and a space for you to belong.

Chaplains are often asked what chaplains do;
Students come to the Chaplaincy for various reasons:

  • speak with one of the Chaplains on a confidential basis.
  • seek conversation and support
  • to find a place of hospitality and kindness in the College
  • meditate/pray in the Quiet Room.
  • simply to enjoy a break between classes.
  • Experience inter-cultural and religious exchange
  • attend liturgical/religious and secular functions.


  • Pray as you go
    How about this new and exciting way of tuning in to God? Pray as you go…on your MP3 player! For details, visit:
  • Sacred Space
    Take time out each day to pray at your computer.
  • Book of Intentions:
    Feel free to light a candle and write your troubles/reflections and thanks in the Book of Intentions in the  Quiet Room.
  • For general information on chaplaincy at third level in Ireland, visit
Full Time Roman Catholic Chaplain
Sr. Bernadette Purcell
Telephone: 4042615 (Mon/Fri 9am-5pm)
Mobile: 0861022698
Email :
Part time Church of Ireland Chaplain
Rev. William Deverell
On Call: Home: 01-4621044
Mobile: 086-8030239

The Disability Officer provides support and services for the development and coordination of services and facilities for students with disabilities.

Services include:
Assistance with admission procedures, accessibility; examination supports; guidance about navigating teaching and learning processes. This includes organising the provision of Note Takers; extra tuition; Interpreters; Scribes; and Academic Assistants; extra examination time; and assistive technology devices.

A key role of the Disability Officer is to liaise with Institute academic departments, individual lecturers, and other staff to ensure that the support needs of students with disabilities are met and to create awareness among staff and students of the range of supports available for students with a disability.

Students can advise the Disability Officer of any disabilities they have by completing a health questionnaire which is available from the office.  Please call in to the office for further information. Room 010, Ground Floor.

Garry Toner.

Contact Details:                                     Office Hours:
Phone: (01) 404 2606                              Monday:   9am – 4:00pm
Fax:   (01) 404 2772                                Tuesday:  9am – 5:00pm
Email:                 Thursday: 9am – 4:00pm

Night time confidential support for students , by students.

Our operating hours are 9pm until 2.30am every night of term.

Our freephone number is 1800 793 793.

Students can also anonymously instant message us via within the above hours.

Student Welfare officer:

Phone: 087 400 7512



Student Counselling Service

Phone: 01 4042635