Support Services in LYIT

There are several support services available in LYIT which offer you support, advice and guidance to help you face any challenges you may encounter during your time as a student.

The students union here in LYIT has an open door policy which means that no appointment is necessary to talk. The SU office is located on the first floor of An Danlann so please never hesitate to call over if you need to talk, no matter if your issue is big or small.

When not in the office the officers are around the college helping students, working on different campaigns or attending meetings. So if you have any concerns whether acadmeic, financical, accomodation or your general health and weel-being, call into us and we can help you.

If you need support now contact our Student Welfare officer directly at

Phone: 0867702700


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College is a big step with many rewards but also challenges.  Counselling can be helpful for all kinds of difficulties, both academic and personal.  You could be dealing with something serious that you’ve struggled with for many years, or it could be something small which has happened recently.  Maybe you don’t even know exactly what the problem is but are finding it difficult to cope.

We can help you to work out what is bothering you, and think about what steps you can take to make it better.  Do not hesitate to contact us when something is urgent.  Emergencies will be given priority and will be seen on the day.

The Student Counsellor, Nicole Murray, is located in An Dánlann in the Student Services section.

Nicole Murray

(t) +35374 9186817
(m) +35387 9555266
Student Services Reception +35374 9186855

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A full general practice service is offered free to all registered students with an emphasis on health promotion, with a daily GP surgery and a full time nurse.

All information provided by the doctor or nurse is confidential and is not disclosed to any other person without the permission of the student concerned.  All records are kept on a separate network to the main system and are not shared. Preventative medicine and screening are also available.

The college nurse and doctor is located in the College Medical Centre on the first floor of An Dánlann in the Student Services Suite.  An appointment systems is in operation but emergencies will always be catered for. To make an appointment, contact the receptionist at the Student Services. You may also contact our service via email but please remember that email is the property of the Institute and is therefore not confidential.

Phone: 074 9186855

Email: /

Student Services Reception Phone: 074 9186855

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Starting your studies in Letterkenny is a very important step in your life. For some it may mean leaving home, friends and familiar surroundings for the first time.

While it is exciting and you look forward to making new friends and becoming that little bit more independent, for some, starting in college and getting used to a new way of life proves to be a difficult and even lonely time.

The Chaplain’s priority is to treat students with respect and dignity in all situations within and beyond the Institute. The Chaplain’s form part of the network of counselling services and will be happy to listen to students concerns and to offer advice or to refer to other specialist services where appropriate. Students are most welcome to drop by and chat in a friendly and informal manner.

Fr John Boyce, the College Chaplain is located in An Dánlann in the Student Services Suite and is available throughout the academic year; the other chaplains are available by appointment.

Phone: 074 9186830


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The Learning Support Unit was established to encourage under–represented groups to enter third level and to provide these groups with support throughout their time at LYIT.


Mature Students (age 23 years or older)
Students with physical or learning disabilities
Students from low income families
Students in need of Maths support
Adults Returning to Education


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Student Welfare Officer

Phone: 0867702700



Student Counselling Service

Phone: 0879555266