April 9, 2020

4 Essential Guidelines For Preventing Hackers from accessing IP Video Surveillance systems

Keeping a watch on business premises has become easier with advanced IP video surveillance. Today, you have IP cameras, which can ensure complete surveillance, and the admin can keep a watch on everything remotely. However, it is absolutely necessary to be practical with regards to IP video surveillance. Hackers and cybercriminals are always looking for ways to hack into these advanced systems, and even the best cameras are prone to such attacks. While you can use software like Genetec for better use, essential proactive security steps must be taken. What can you possibly do to protect your IP cameras from hacking? We have a quick guide below for your help!

  1. Change passwords frequently

Old passwords need to be changed periodically, and while this may seem like basic advice, most managers and administrators seem to ignore it. At the least, passwords need to be changed every three months. 

  1. Change default usernames and passwords

Unfortunately, people often forget that default usernames and passwords are easy to hack, and even novice hackers can get access to your systems. Most manufacturers recommend users and businesses to change default usernames and passwords right away, and you should do that after installation of the IP cameras are done. 

  1. Check network security

Ensuring that the network connection used is secure is another crucial step. You don’t want to access the surveillance systems from a network that’s untrusted and unsecured. If you have the choice of opting for network segmentation and using a secure & managed broadband, consider that. In case the surveillance systems are being used or accessed remotely, make sure that public Wi-Fi networks are not used. 

  1. Update firmware

It is absolutely necessary to update firmware of your IP video surveillance systems regularly, or as and when updates are available. Manufacturers are constantly trying to enhance and improve their products, patching security problems and fixing bugs. Make sure that these updates are installed without delay, and you can find details on the manufacturer’s website, and in most cases, they will send an email to all existing customers. 

IP video surveillance is not a choice for businesses anymore. It is a must for ensuring on-premise security, and the advantages certainly are bigger than the upfront costs. As long as you are careful as how IP cameras are handled and managed, you will have no issues with regards to security issues and threats of hacking. 

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