June 12, 2020

Aquamarine Engagement Rings: One of the Best wedding Rings

Aquamarine mixes well with any metal for giving the best look for an engagement ring for daily use. The metal enhances the look of the stone as the stones are available in various colors. White gold states coolness and yellow depicts warmth and also balances the aquamarine rock beautifully.

aquamarine engagement rings are very soft as compared with diamonds. So the stone needs special care, you need to care about the stone as much you care for a diamond. Experts recommend cleaning the ring after every 4th or 5th wear, using a soft toothbrush, dipping it into dish wash soap, and rinse it gently for maintaining the glaze of the stone. As you are wearing the sand every day, hydrophobic cleaning is mandatory twice a year to check if the stone has its clarity. The stone color ranges from blue to green. It is said that the stone is for good luck, and once it helped the sailors to land safely on the seashore. Apart from this aquamarine stone is precious for any women.

Properties of Aquamarine stone

Aquamarine has a spiritual meaning, and it is calm, soothing, and cleansing. Aquamarine is also known for truth, trust, loyalty, and protection. It is mermaid’s treasurer for its beautiful color. In the Greek period, sailors used to carry the stone while sailing as they thought the stone protects them from thunderstorms. The stone is also stated to be the stone of evergreen youth and happiness.

Is the aquamarine ring is right for the wedding?

  • In the new tradition, the aquamarine ring has become very popular than the diamonds because of its various factors. Women dream for diamonds, but many cannot fulfil the wish just for the massive price of the rock, so aquamarine engagement rings are the best alternative for a wedding or best alternative to a diamond. But before purchasing, you will have to be careful as lighter aquamarine stone be mistaken for diamonds. In the Mohs scale, it is 7.5, which means it is scratch-resistant but might get scratches over the years in wear and tear of the ring. As this is a soft stone, you will have to be very careful and, at times, give gentle care to this.
  • Aquamarine stone ranges from blue to green-blue, the gem belongs to the beryl family. Aquamarine ring is one of the best recommendations for engagement stone as it is budget-friendly and the color is of the stone is such that it makes different from other rocks. The jewelry made with aquamarine stone is fantastic and looks good on anyone when found on a ring.
  • Aquamarine is closely related to emerald and is a natural stone of the beryl family. The aquamarine stone depicts aqua and mare. Aquamarine is for the lucky charm and peace, for the color of clue and sea blue; it is mermaids’ treasure. The couples who are born in March and October are the priority who uses this aquamarine stone. The price of the aquamarine stone is dependent upon its texture, color, shades, shine. The aquamarine is an excellent alternative to diamonds for fair use.

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Aquamarine properties

This tone has Excellent Durability, Hardness of 7.5 to 8.0, Refractive Index of 1.5777 to 1.583 and its Specific gravity is 2.72. Moreover there are other properties which make it beautiful and most popular.

  • This stone looks beautiful on any cut, may it be emerald, oval, square, round, heart, and princes. The sparkle and the shine of the stone are by the refractive index.
  • The blue color stone is scarce, and The Stone is heated to remove the yellow and the green colors to enhance the blue tones, the procedure is common and impossible to distinguish from pure natural glue. Most of the blue-colored aquamarine stones are known as probably heat treated.
  • The ring needs no special care because of its durability. The stones are excellent in strength and longevity, but with long-term usage. The ring may wear and tear, and you should always remove the collar before swimming or in chlorinated water. It would help if you also put the ring in a separate box so that it does not get any scratches from different pieces of jewelry.

Beauty of Aquamarine Stone

Aquamarine stone has various cuts. The stone shines vest in different versatile cuts. The marble looks good in shapes like a round princess-cut oval. The gravel looks best in Emerald Cuts, in particular jewelry. Before purchasing of the aquamarine store. The metal needs to be kept in mind. The gemstone looks best in metals like Palladium platinum or silver or gold, which does not require any rhodium plate.

These Metals gives a fresh look to the aquamarine stone by natural sparkle and shine. You can also use that for my rhinestone with rose or yellow gold, which offers a beautiful look at the overall aquamarine engagement ring. The name of the stone is associated with seawater. And is also known for its features of healing and cleansing nature of the sea.


Hundreds of years ago, sailors often said they kept a piece of aquamarine stone with them. The stone gives protection from the unpredictable nature of the sea,

The meaning of aquamarine is connected with water. Experts say aquamarine offers protection to the sailors. And it also gives a healthy relationship through its factors of healing coming influences and also removing negative feelings.

Aquamarine rings are very stunning. They are the most demanded stone for wedding and engagement. In recent times their demand for Aquamarine stone, couples go for aquamarine rings rather than traditional stones. Many have the wish of using diamonds, but due to price, they cannot afford diamonds. So aquamarine is the best alternative for rings. The stone is such that you can also apply for your regular purpose. You need to take special care as the stone is very soft. It can get scratches due to the wear and tear. So you need to do a good cleaning of the ring.

Aquamarine ring would be a great choice of you. Why always go for traditional diamond rings. Try the blue diamond this time.

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