May 23, 2020


Tobacco is the largest nicotine carrying product that is widely used by people around the world, and its methods of consumption also vary from person to person. The method of its intake is usually dependent upon their taste and style.  Most people smoke it, some chew it and a few place it behind their lips. Here is a detailed description of chewing tobacco and dip tobacco, how it used and why to look for alternatives if you are using it.

Chewing tobacco

It is a kind of smokeless tobacco product that contains a high amount of nicotine and is popular among many. It is consumed by putting a pinch of it between the cheeks and the gums or behind the upper lip. Chewing tobacco must be crushed with the teeth to release the flavour and nicotine for truly experiencing the delight. After the intake, all the unwanted juices and the leftovers are spat.

Dipping tobacco

Dipping tobacco is a shredded and moistened smokeless tobacco product that is placed behind the lower lip or upper lip. It is also referred to as a snuff, dip or chew. After placing it behind the cheeks and on the gums, a person can feel the taste of the product as well as feel a buzz that gets going on for more than 10 minutes.

Dip tobacco Alternatives

Using Chewing tobacco or dipping tobacco regularly is the never-dying habit of many people. People who want to quit the habit also have to quit the nicotine on which they are hooked on. That is why most people can’t find a suitable substitute for ditching tobacco-related products. A few years ago, some dip making brands started looking forward to finding an alternative for people who want to quit their old habit of dipping and chewing tobacco. Recently, many companies are offering smokeless tobacco alternatives that deliver just the same experience as traditional products without any tobacco. Most of the products are caffeinated, and some are nicotine rich. The taste and the texture of these products are enhanced as compared to the traditional products. Some of the popular brands that are offering the best set of dip tobacco alternatives are Cowboy coffee, Black Buffalo, Baccoff and Smokey Mountain. 

Cowboy Coffee

The products offered by this company are caffeinated to fulfil the urge of dipping. If you are a seasoned tobacco user and want to quit the habit and switch to caffeine than nicotine, this must be your first choice.

Black Buffalo

This brand offers the closest thing you’ve ever seen to real dip. It is providing the best set of dip tobacco alternatives and is available in bold flavours with a nicotine kick that can take you to places. It is made with safe food ingredients and pharmaceutical grade nicotine that is suitable for people above the age of 21.

Smokey Mountain

The products that are offered by this company are mostly herbal and are proven to be the best smokeless tobacco alternatives. The brand boasts about being tobacco and nicotine-free. 

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