Support Services in STAC

There are several support services available in STAC which offer you support, advice and guidance to help you face any challenges you may encounter during your time as a student.

St. Angela’s College, Sligo Student’s Union (STACSSU) is the official Student’s Union in the College. The primary focus of the Student’s Union is to promote a positive student experience in St. Angela’s College by ensuring the welfare of all students; their appropriate representation in all academic and management structures within the College; a holistic experience of the College life by facilitating entertainment, cultural, informative, social and sporting events. For more information click here.

Or if you have a concern now please contact our Student Welfare Officer:

Phone: 087 2168086

College life can present challenges to students, which may give rise to uncertainties and difficulties at times. Work-related stress, study and exam anxieties, peer pressures, sexual conflicts, loneliness and questions of personal worth are among issues commonly experienced during college years. Counselling aims to help a student deal with the emotional impact of issues and find a positive way forward.
The Counselling Service is absolutely confidential. St. Angela’s College and the Student Union subsidise this service. The first 6 sessions are free of charge, then a minimal €10 charge per session applies.
Contact the Counsellor on 087 6609209 or email to request an appointment.

For more information about the Counselling Service, please contact Una Roberts, Student Services Officer at 071 9195514 or email

Student Welfare Officer

Phone: 087 2168086


Student Counselling Service

Phone: 087 6609209