Support Services in UCD

There are several support services available in UCD which offer you support, advice and guidance to help you face any challenges you may encounter during your time as a student.

We offer help, advice and an advocacy service for students. We also run cheap student shops, affordable entertainment & campaigns promoting the best interests of our members.

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As your Student Welfare Officer, I’m here to help make your time in UCD some of the best years of your life so far, to promote and support positive mental health on campus and to strive for the equality of every single student here.

I can help you with financial assistance, your well- being and your sexual health. Basically anything that you need, just come along and pop into my office for a chat or drop me an email and I’ll help you get things back on track.

To contact your student welfare officer, email or pop down to the SU corridor in the old student centre!

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When we are in need of support, we often turn to friends and family for help.  Sometimes this is enough, but there can be times we feel we need additional support, or it may be that we feel we cannot ask for support from friends or family.  Sometimes it is easier to talk to someone outside of friends/family about what we are experiencing, rather than someone close to us.

Counselling provides an invitation to speak privately with a professional about any problems that are worrying or upsetting.  Talking to people who are trained in a special way to listen to problems can deepen a person’s understanding of what is happening and develop alternative ways of dealing with the situation.

There is no charge for our service.

If you are unsure whether you need counselling or whether counselling would be helpful for you, do not hesitate to contact the service and/or make an appointment, so you can discuss this with a counsellor and have your questions answered. By seeing a counsellor for a first appointment, you do not commit yourself to further sessions of counselling.

Our opening hours are Mon – Fri 9.30 am to 1.00 pm and 2.00pm to 4.30pm.  Appointments are offered during these times.  A limited number of evening appointments are available during the year.

Making an Appointment 

We encourage students to contact the service themselves directly to make an appointment, either:

  • Phone at 01-7163134/3143
  • Drop into the Student Health Centre in the Students Centre and make an appointment at reception.

It would be helpful if you could print out and complete the Student Counselling Registration Form beforehand and bring it with you to reception.

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The Student Health & Counselling Service provides on-campus medical, psychological and psychiatric care to registered students of the university. The staff of the Student Health Service provides a service within an ethos of respect, courtesy and confidentiality and aim at all times to operate to the highest professional standards.  All consultations are treated in strict confidence.  No information is give to others without permission.

Services available include:

  • Doctors & Nurses
  • Blood Tests
  • Contraception
  • STI
  • Sports Clinic
  • Vaccinations
  • Addictions Counsellor

To Make an Appointment

Call 01 7163134 or drop by our reception to book an appointment.

Urgent appointments are available same day and are allocated on a first come first served basis so please phone early in the morning if you are unwell. Please note that students may have to wait up to one week for routine appointments.

If for some reason you are unable to attend your appointment please give at least 24 hours’ notice so that we can reallocate the slot.

Please check in for your appointment upon arrival at the Health Centre at our reception desk or by using the self check in screen located inside the main door. After checking in, please take a seat in the waiting area.

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The Student Advisers provide support for all students throughout their university experience, particularly during their first year. We are located in the five Colleges and either attached to particular programmes or to specific groups of students. We work closely with the administrative and academic staff as well as with the chaplains and other support staff. We are here to help you make your time at UCD as fulfilling and enjoyable as possible. You can call to see us in relation to personal, social or practical issues. From simple requests for information to more confidential and serious matters, we will give you the time and space to talk things through. 

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Chaplains are often asked what chaplains do! We offer personal support and advice in complete confidence to students who come to us. We have excellent facilities at St. Stephen’s where students can meet and make friends and form a community of like-minded people. (Nobody need be lonely or isolated in UCD).

We all need a listening ear at times, someone who will not sit in judgement on us, but just be there to offer support and care or practical help, in complete confidence. A problem shared is a problem solved! Do come and talk to us when you need to. That is what we are here for.

To contact the UCD Chaplaincy team, click here!

Access and Lifelong Learning Centre provides support and guidance to: part-time and mature students; HEAR students; and students with a disability. We are here to make the challenges of college as easy as possible for you.

UCD is a big place and while it’s exciting to be starting college, it can also be scary, even overwhelming. UCD’s Peer Mentors play a crucial role in helping new students settle into college life. Our Peer Mentors remember what it’s like to come here for the first time and they use that experience, and the knowledge they have gained since, to help new students integrate and begin to develop a sense of belonging to their programme of study and to the University more generally. Peer Mentors also gain new skills and the university as a whole benefits from an engaged and involved student body.

Our Peer Mentors help make coming to UCD a more welcoming, less daunting experience. As well as arranging meetings and social events for their mentees, mentors will also be available to assist with any queries or concerns which their mentees may have. In turn, mentors will be supported by their Student Adviser or Student Progression Manager.

The UCD Peer Mentoring Programme aims to:

    • Help news students make friends and settle into their course
    • Encourage new students to get involved in social activities
    • Prepare new students for first year by encouraging them to develop specific study skills
    • Reassure new students when it comes to concerns they may have about starting college
    • Support new students in solving problems which at the start of Stage 1 can seem very difficult but which, with the right help, can be easily addressed
    • Provide a space where new students can ask questions, no matter how big or small they may seem
    • Assist new students in navigating the various academic and personal supports that are available to them in UCD
    • Enhance the overall quality of the first year experience
    • Equip Peer Mentors with organisational, communication and leadership skills

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Night time confidential support for students, by students.

Our operating hours are 9pm until 2.30am every night of term.
Our Freephone number is 1800 793 793.
Students can also anonymously instant message us via within the above hours.

Student Welfare Officer

Phone: 01-7163133


Student Counselling Service

Phone: 01-7163134/31434