May 6, 2020

Consider These Factors when Hiring an HOA Management Company

Homeowner’s association boards have a lot of crucial responsibilities, from collecting dues and managing the finances of their association to enforcing HOA policies, resolving conflicts, managing maintenance problems, and more. But, if the work’s complexity already exceeds the available skills of volunteers, it is often best to hire one of the respected phoenix hoa management companies. But, there are things to consider when hiring an HOA manager. These include the following:


Depending on your community’s size, you may have to hire an on-site manager who can spend standard office hours on-site or one who specializes in HOA management. If you hire one outside management company, ensure you clearly understand the manager’s availability and the number of hours per month they can devote to your project. 


Although the majority of states require property managers to have an active real estate license, no other credentials are required by law. With the complexity of the tasks that HOA managers perform, you may want to take into account just candidates with certification from the Community Associations Institute that provides training for association managers. 

Communication Skills

As you assess the work experience of a possible HOA manager, keep an eye on communication skills and conflict resolution skills. During the interview, ask every candidate for concrete examples of each. Also, make sure to talk about these points when checking references.


A professional association manager has a team of vendors across functions. Ask a prospective HOA manager about their team and how long they have worked with every individual or company. Also, consider asking them to price out a project and compare the bids of every candidate.

Duration of the Contract

After you have identified the right HOA management company to hire, ensure the contract’s terms are acceptable. Usually, such kinds of contracts run for one year and enable termination within 30-90 days’ notice. 

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