December 18, 2020

Do long-distance relationships work? Here is what a webcam model answered!

A webcam model by the name of Mada addressed a very interesting topic on a private site dedicated to the workers in this industry. More precisely, she wanted to know if long-distance relationships work or not and if other cam girls are in the same situation as her. “I don’t know what thread to address this topic on, I hope I’m not off-topic. I have a long-distance relationship and it’s quite hard for me to make it work. It’s not just the physical distance, it’s more about the pandemic and the fact that we see each other very rarely. Do you have some advice for me? What should I do to maintain my private life?”, she asked.

Soon after she posted, answers came pouring in from other webcam models. “Hmm, to be honest with you, I never had a long-distance relationship. I tried for a couple of months with an ex, but it didn’t work out. You know how they say – out of sight, out of mind, but it’s just my opinion. However, if you find someone that is on the same wavelength as you, there will be no problem. Good luck!”, Bella said.

“Hello! I have a long-distance relationship and, although it’s hard, we always try to find new ways to surprise each other and get out of the routine. We often talk on Skype and we always try new things. Maybe it would be a good idea to schedule your video calls, so they become a habit. It’s not enough, but it could be a start”, another webcam model answered, by the name of Jessyca.

Last but not least, Nina felt the need to make a discordant note among the webcam models. “Sorry, but I don’t believe in long-distance relationships. They can never be as strong as normal, face to face relationships. As Bella said, out of sight, out of mind. In my country, we have a saying: eyes that don’t see each other forget each other. It’s so true!”, she concluded.

Therefore, opinions are divided, but there is one very interesting aspect that is worth debating. Jessyca mentioned scheduling video calls with your long-distance partner, so they become a habit. Sounds familiar? This is exactly what you are supposed to do with your members, as a webcam model! If you schedule private sessions around the same time every day or every week, you are much more likely to attract faithful members.

In conclusion, long-distance relationships could work, but you and your partner have to be on the same wavelength and respect the same rules. Even if you live in different countries, you shouldn’t date other people or consider the relationship an “open” one. Even if you don’t meet every day, you should still respect each other and be faithful. And, as you already saw, as a webcam model you have an advantage when it comes to long-distance relationships because you know how to deal with them. Your experience with your members could prove decisive when it comes to happiness in your private life.

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