May 7, 2020

How do Metal Prints and Glass Prints Change the Look of A House?

It is obvious to get attracted to high-quality pictures at display in art galleries. That art is priceless – so, it’s only natural that everybody wants one in their homes. But for the matter of fact, not everybody can buy them at art galleries. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t have something equally stunning to treat your eyes day in and day out. What we are talking about are acrylic prints and glass prints at If you’re wondering what they are and how do they create the charm of paintings in the art galleries, then, just read through the guide that follows!

Big Acrylic Prints on Glass

Glass printing is a new concept where a picture – any picture you like, it can also be a collage of many pictures – is directly printed on acrylic. These sort of pictures have the following qualities.

  1. They Speak For Themselves

The colors come out to be so striking and so bright on glass that the picture looks lifelike. Also, these pictures turn out to be highly glossy and the gloss lasts for long.

  1. They have a Long Life

To begin with, acrylic is shatter-proof. So, the pictures naturally last for long. To conclude, the colors do not smudge since moisture doesn’t creep inside acrylic.

  1. They’re Easy To Handle

Acrylic prints are fairly lightweight and they can be easily mounted in 3 ways.

  • Standoff display
  • Float display
  • Float Frame display

Big Acrylic Prints on Metal

Aluminum metal prints are cool options for exteriors alongside interiors since metal can withstand changing weather – whether it’s heat or rain – without losing its color and vibrance.

So, be mindful to pick them and not acrylic prints if it’s outdoor renovation that’s in your mind.

Now, we talk about the types

Metal Prints are usually of 2 types – brushed metal and white metal. Both the types create a matte look. However, technology at Big Acrylic has made it possible to have metal prints with semi-glossy finish as well. It’s done with the help of a varnish that adds gloss.

To talk at length,

Brush Metal Prints are quite unique. The white areas of the picture in this type create the illusion of being brushed whilst the rest of the colors boast a semi-brushed appearance.

White Metal Prints are done with the aim at achieving a picture that has a high contrast ratio. It adds exceptional clarity and the picture turns out to be extremely bright.

So, to sum up, both the types we’ve discussed at length can revamp your space like nothing else ever could.

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