March 17, 2020

Look for Your Choices for the Perfect Polished plastering

Today there is a huge selection of materials for wall decoration. Wallpaper, paints, murals, murals, colorants this is not the whole list of products offered on the market. Of all the variety of materials, the Polished and decorative plaster Kharkov stands out. With its help, you can arrange your home in a truly original style, make the house cozy and comfortable.

The Styles of It

Of all the many collections and styles, you will definitely pick out products that are fully consistent with your design ideas. There is a stylization of marble, antique, antique fabric (velvet), metal, mother of pearl. Temperature extremes and high humidity will not harm the coating. It is better to entrust the installation to masters who have a lot of positive reviews and experience in applying various application techniques. With proper installation, the finish does not lose its brightness and holds firmly throughout its entire service life. Get more info about the service present here now.

Finishing material is of several types:

It is textured, structural and Polished. Even in the photo, decorative stucco with a structural appearance has a special surface. Inclusions of quartz, wood and various granules are added to the material, resulting in a granular surface. Slaked lime is used as a binder. Organic and inorganic dyes are used as a pigment. The textured version does not require preliminary preparation of surfaces and is suitable for decoration on wood, concrete, drywall. With its help, you can easily mask small irregularities and wall defects, add volume, create an original picture.

To create a beautiful, unique, exclusive interior of the room regardless of size and functional purpose, modern finishing materials will be required. On the building materials market, customers are offered a range of products of Ukrainian, Chinese and European production. Differences in the finish are brand, cost, quality, application method, and service life. In order not to spoil the repair and design, we recommend buying:

Polished plaster

  • high quality
  • durable
  • reliable
  • wear resistant
  • durable

It is safe finishing materials from direct suppliers. Despite the choice presented, customers and the regions prefer decorative Polished plaster.

Environmentally friendly and safe

Buy Polished plaster at the best price, perhaps on the website of the online store. The basis of the plaster mix is ​​water emulsions, slaked lime, marble flour. Due to its natural components, the Polished is an environmentally friendly and safe material. That allows the use of Polished plaster in residential, office, industrial, public, children’s, industrial buildings and structures. During operation, it does not emit harmful substances and unpleasant odors, does not crack, does not crumble, and does not break. It is resistant to mechanical damage and loads, to high and low temperatures, as well as to a sharp temperature drop.


Polished plaster material price optimal. The Polished prevents the formation of cracks and chips, the appearance of mold, fungi, and microorganisms. As a decorative finish used in rooms with dry and humid air. We offer buyers to buy the Polished plaster of the different manufacturers:

Novacolor, Rossetti and others, in the independence of the manufacturer and the cost, the stucco mixture is designed for long-term use. Throughout the operational period, the appearance, color and texture will not change. Manufacturers produce a Polished transparent color, due to a special application technique creates unique effects and textures on walls, ceilings and other surfaces.

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