September 5, 2020

Raja Ampat: Heaven of Eastern Indonesia

Indonesia’s east part offers plenty of beautiful concealed places where imperial islands and lush nature live. Raja Ampat District isn’t an exception. It’s located at West Papua Province and has gained better popularity these days (among travelers). Featuring lots of islands, tourists often arrive at the site to perform fun activities and island hopping like photography, honeymoon, nature exploration, and a lot more. The title means”Empat Raja” or Four Kings. Its own four significant islands are called Salawati, Batanta, Waigeo, and Misool. All of them are worth a visit.

A Glimpse of Historical Story of Raja Ampat

The truth is that Raja Ampat has been part of the Sorong District previously. It supplied a tourist attraction and turned into a district in 2003. According to the locals, approximately 30,000 individuals live in this area with local foods and their culture. Besides these four big islands, you will find around 610 more small islands! But, just 35 of these are occupied. Another simple truth is that the area is mainly made up. The world has acknowledged its abundance.

Suppose you are planning to visit Raja Empat. In that case, travelers will need to take an airplane and visit Waisai City (the capital of Raja Ampat District). It takes approximately two days and 4 hours, though. Before going to Waisai, they can visit Sorong City. It won’t be disappointing, although the trip is tiring.

Best Thing to Do in Raja Ampat

The majority of the travelers recognize Raja Ampat as an exotic vacation destination in Indonesia. It has a unique nautical beauty. Some resorts can also be available in the islands, plus they supply visitors with a particular diving package. During holiday seasons, visitors may spend over two weeks there. If you are about visiting Raja Ampat, try various spots of diving throughout the holiday. Furthermore, explore the other four main islands.

Diving is the common thing to do in Raja Ampat District. Some diving areas even feature ruins of this WWII! Visitors can do things like sightseeing, island hopping, witnessing sunset, and getting closer to the natives. This region’s appeal has attained everyone’s ears, and visitors are likely to come there soon. Not just natural attractiveness is offered by it, but it has culinary, an exciting culture, and history.

Those spots always have people daily on stand by. The elders possess a passion for doing so. It is quite impressive since the locals also have a part in handling the resorts and other vacation spots in Raja Ampat. These people can also talk English, so they are quite convenient when it comes to giving information linked to nearby accommodations, tourist spots, and even cuisine. If it is necessary, tourists can hire a tour representative that is in the neighbourhood.

Other Attraction and Accommodation

Apart from diving and exploring other charming islands in Raja Ampat, you can also visit other tourist attractions such as Pianemo Island and Harfat Jaya Peak. If you are still doubtful about where to stay while in Raja Ampat, we recommend Waiwo Dive Resort and Waisai Beach Hotel for a pleasant stay.

Before you plan a trip to Raja Ampat, be sure to read more about Raja Ampat and Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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