April 9, 2020

Safe Sports Betting To Win Without Risk

Placing safe bets on any sporting event is the goal of any bettor. Being able to sit comfortably and enjoy a game of soccer or tennis with the certainty that whatever happens will end up getting benefits is possible, if we know how to detect the conditions of a safe bet.

In this article, you will learn how bookmaker odds work, and above all, we will explain everything you need to know about safe betting.

How To Identify Safe Bets?

To recognize a safe bet, we must review the betting offers and look at the odds that bookmakers offer for a certain event. These odds express a very easy probability to calculate with the following formula:

100 / share = probability in%

To know if we are facing a safe bet, you have to convert the odds into the probability they express and add them up. If the sum is below 100, we have found a safe bet.

How To Find Safe Bets?

Finding safe bets is not an easy task, as bookmakers logically try to avoid them at all costs. However, there are certain situations where it is more likely to find them:

  • Minority sports: In this type of sports, bookmakers do not adjust their odds as much, and bettors tend to balance markets quickly.
  • Lower categories: For a reason similar to the previous circumstance, in the lowest categories of any sport, more errors usually occur in the odds.
  • First odds: Knowing at what exact moment the bookmakers draw their odds for a specific moment is key to take advantage of possible mismatches.
  • Direct: During a live event, the circumstances can change very quickly, and not all the houses adjust the quotas at the same moment, being able to take advantage of those mismatches.

The Need To Have Several Bookmakers

No bookmaker wants to give away money, so the situation necessary to make a safe bet is almost impossible to find within the same bookmaker. Typically, secure bets arise from combining the odds of different bookmakers, hence, the need to be registered with several bookmakers. The more houses we use, the more likely you are to find safe bets.

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