July 28, 2020

The Moment to Cherish with the Morganite Engagement Rings

Engagement is not an achievement of modern times. The opposite is true. For thousands of years, small tokens of love have proudly wrapped around the ring finger. Even in ancient times, men put a ring on the hand of their chosen one – but not on just any hand. It must be the left, the side of the heart. After all, the left ring finger should be closely related to the heart. Symbol of endless love and unwavering confidence, the engagement ring does not move until marriage. The use of the Morganite Engagement Rings is perfect in this case.

The ancient Romans saw it differently: they did not view engagement rings as a sign of love, but as a sign of possession. The wife belongs to her husband. The ring is meant to make it clear. Over the years, Roman women no longer wear just one ring, but two. The noble variation of gold is intended for public consumption. The single iron version is suitable for the home. Even the most stubborn household chores survive the sturdy engagement rings, completely unharmed.

The ring also has special significance in the Middle Ages. It makes the wedding vow tangible. However, this has consequences for the choice of jewelry by women. Putting on a ring just for fun is unthinkable.

Engagement Rings: A Symbol Is Born

The first milestones of this important piece of jewelry date back to Antiquity. However, the engagement ring as we know it today did not exist until the beginning of the 13th century. Pope Innocent III provided the impetus for the creation of the engagement ring, and when he first established a formal waiting period between vows and marriage in 1215, engagement rings quickly became a romantic symbol of transition. They bear witness to the love, fidelity and dedication of the future spouses for each other. At the same time, they reflect the social rank of the couple. Gold, silver and precious stones were only allowed to adorn the hands of the rich.

But there is even more value: with the first diamond ring, the wedding vow becomes a precious object. Rumor has it that Archduke Maximilian of Austria gave the very first to the imperial court of Vienna in 1477. The lucky one: Marie of Burgundy. A new era begins. Those who keep everything to themselves get engaged with diamonds.

In 1870, the discovery of diamond mines in Africa came at the right time. Production increases, costs fall. Soon, diamond-set engagement rings were no longer the preserve of the aristocracy. This pompous jewel is also within the reach of ordinary people.

At first, engagement rings are a purely feminine affair. But that must change. Over the years, the promising piece of jewelry becomes more and more a man’s affair, thanks to the twin ring. From now on, engagement rings will be worn by both sexes but not at the same time. Until the wedding, the engagement ring is entrusted to the man. It is only after the yes that the woman can benefit from it. From now on, it serves as his alliance.

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The Other Side of Engagement Rings: An Expensive Word Break

A promise of marriage is not an empty word. On the contrary: until the global economic crisis, breaking a word was a costly offense. If a man breaks his engagement, he has to pay for it literally and not exactly little. In addition to the costs of preparing for the marriage, he must also pay the rejected person compensation for moral damage. Mental suffering and lost marriage prospects can come at a cost.

From 1935, the law was relaxed. Nevertheless, the undecided one has yet to pay for its volatility. Finally, it deprives the woman of her financial security. Marriage is often her only security, and a stable personal income was not common at the time. This means that engagement rings with diamonds are often more than a pretty souvenir of the faded happiness of love. They give the woman financial independence.

Engagement Rings In the Modern Era

Not all engagement rings are the same, especially in modern times. Each culture has its own aesthetic ideas about the little confession of love. In Britain, Ireland and North America, engagement rings are reserved for women. They are all the more playful, elegant and magnificent as they are here. Diamonds are particularly popular.

Other cultures prefer the partner model. The man and woman wear two matching engagement rings. Often times, engagement rings are even meant for eternity. After the wedding ceremony, they are made into wedding rings.

Engagement rings are usually given by the man during or immediately after the marriage proposal. As an engagement gift, he spoils his beloved with a ring. If his beloved accepts the gift, engagement rings are considered a formal agreement to the wedding vow.

Who Buys Engagement Rings Today?

In the 20th century, the choice of engagement rings is a man’s business. The future groom himself chooses the model of his choice and presents it to his beloved when he proposes marriage to her. The romantic secret still exists today, but the trend is elsewhere: many couples now choose their engagement rings together. After all, the jewelry is meant to last for eternity. He must please.

In Canada or the United States, it’s not just the bride-to-be who is happy. Sometimes the chosen one also receives a gift. The woman surprises the man with an engagement ring of her choice. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, it is usually still the man who makes the decision. He carefully chooses a model that is worn by both sexes.

Engagement rings do not have a standard price. Their price range couldn’t be more different. It is above all the materials, design, style and customization that determine its value. And another has his say: the precious stone. But not all gemstones are the same. The value of a diamond, for example, depends on its color, clarity, carat and size. It is less uniform in its counterparts. Sapphires, rubies and emeralds are based on different rating systems.

How much can engagement rings cost?

The price of the engagement ring is of course entirely up to you. It depends on the budget as well as the demands of your loved ones. But there are no longer any fixed rules.

At the start of the 20th century, things were very different. The man would have to spend a large chunk of his annual income on the engagement ring, at least if a marketing campaign from famous diamond producer is to be successful. In the middle of the 20th century, the future groom can finally breathe a sigh of relief: just two months of income should cost him engagement rings. In 2020 people will find that the average wedding vow is worth $ 2,100.

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