April 10, 2020

The Robot Vacuums: A Robotic House Servant

Who doesn’t want to have a house cleaner? Everyone would love to have a clean house all the time. But, it can’t be possible if you don’t have time doing so. You can be busy with the work that hinders you from cleaning the house regularly. Now, there is an ideal answer to maintain the cleanliness of the house without bothering yourself. The robotic house servant is surging in popularity nowadays. Many homeowners are equipped with this cleaning technology. So, which robotic cleaning servant you would want to check out? There are a lot of robot vacuums available in the market today. Thus, you need to spend more time reading information about each product before buying it.

Robot vacuums: make a comparison

Eufy vs Roomba, which one is the best vacuum for you? As a buyer, you have all the time to check all the features of each robotic house servant. Take a look at each of the features between these robotic house servants.

  • Eufy. Eufy comes with 3 series namely: Eufy Robovac 11+, Eufy Boostiq Robovac 11S Max, and Eufy Boostiq Robovac 30. All the Eufy series have bounce navigation. It comes with great features such as:
  1. Scheduling
  2. Filter
  3. Remote control
  4. App
  5. Power Boost
  6. Auto-recharge

Eufy has lower-cost compared to any other vacuums. However, the price is not the basis of the cleaning performance. It matters on how the device performs its function and longevity. Also, the vacuum has a high-quality material; it is made with style and sophistication. It has a portable size that doesn’t need to consume large spaces of the house compared to brooms, floor maps, etc. The cleaning power of this robotic house servant can’t be compared to human cleaning power. The vacuum doesn’t feel tired, it can clean the house even the whole day. Once the battery life is out of energy, it has an auto-recharge feature that makes it fantastic.

  • Roomba. What makes Roomba a good robotic house servant? It is of its perfectly-made vacuum, in which pet hair can be eliminated easily. It vacuums pet hair even in thick carpet. Thus, many homeowners loved to buy the brand. It uses iADAPT 1.0 for navigation technology and Aerovac filter. Here are great features of Roomba:
  1. Navigation technology
  2. Filter
  3. App
  4. Voice control
  5. Power Boost
  6. Auto-recharge

Now, you can see the difference between the two robotic house servants. The only difference in the features is the remote control that Eufy has, but Roomba doesn’t have. Roomba has voice control in which Eufy doesn’t have. Now, it is your decision on which one you want to purchase. Although both are excellent vacuums, still, you have your own choice. Both brands are surging in popularity in the market nowadays, and it doesn’t fail a user when it comes to its performance. 




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