June 26, 2020

Vehicular Accidents Dos and Don’ts

When you get involved in an accident, there are things that you should and should not do. First of all, you should not admit guilt. You should be careful about the things that you are going to say right after the accident. The court doesn’t accept hearsay as evidence but they do accept excited utterances. 

You should also avoid giving recorded statements. Most likely, you will be approached by the insurance adjuster of the other party. He will try to get a recorded statement from you. You need to understand that you are not obliged to provide any statement. So just politely decline his invitation for an interview. 

What you should do is gather information. Don’t forget the license and registration information of the other party. Don’t rely entirely on the police. It is a good idea that you have a record of important information. 

If you are able, then you should also take pictures of the accident. Try to capture the damages to the vehicles. If you are injured then you should try to take pictures of your injuries as well. You can later use this picture in court. 

But you shouldn’t forget to call the police too. Through the investigation of the police, you’ll be able to know the real cause of the accident. If you are injured or hurt, then you should seek immediate medical attention. Often, because of adrenaline, people in an accident do not feel anything. This leads them to think that they are not injured. So it’s best to seek medical attention to be sure.

You should also hire a good lawyer. You can easily get the services of a Santa Ana auto accident attorney or an auto accident lawyer in Laguna Beach. Just be sure to do your homework to get the right lawyer for you. 


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